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About my practice:

My name is John Hunter, and I am a Certified Masseur. The aspect of my practice that I enjoy most, is sharing the knowledge gained, from over 24 years of being a professional of massage, and bodywork. Massage has always been apart my life. My parents introduced me to concepts of massage, and body work, very early. My Dad shared a healing touch, and a sports medicine perspective; my Mom, like all the woman in my family, was a nurse, and she shared with me, a nurses style of medical body work. It has been an amazing, and rewarding experience; having the opportunity over the years, to help others overcome various levels of tissue damage. I still to this day, enjoy helping clients to acknowledge possible causes of their muscle dysfunction, and their soft tissue issues, that might be preventing them from a higher quality of life.

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Phone number: 520-390-9230

Office Address: 1601 N. Tucson blvd. #29 Tucson, AZ . 85716

Common Symptoms We Address

Pain management, muscle aches, preventive maintenance, stress, aches , pains, and strains, arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, sore feet, headache, migraines, myofascial pain, shoulder pain, soft tissue strains, TM J, tendinitis, whiplash, sleep problems, plantar fascitis , frozen shoulder, hip pain, knee issues, and shin splints.

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